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ABOUT ICNVT Sunday School

As Salaamu Alaikum Parents and Guardians!

Your children receive the best education when you and our dedicated teachers work as a team. It’s a parent’s enthusiasm, support and involvement that inspires children to do their best; and a teacher’s ability to teach what they need to learn.

The ICNVT Sunday School emphasizes on Readings of Al-Qur’ân with Tajweed, Salah, Islamic studies. School begins promptly at 10:00am on Sundays ONLY until 1:45pm.

Please support your child's education and become familiar with our school, as well as create a homework-friendly home environment that will allow your children to excel. With your support we can help children succeed.

Please click on the Academics Section to Learn more about the Sunday School Core Activities and Values.

To Pay Tuition please click on the Pay Tuition tab.
Our Philosophy

We believe in the saftey of our school and the community members. That is why we have invested in mutliple security measures to protect our school. Please feel free to ask questions during Sunday School hours, or you can call: 703-591-0999 for more information. 

Our History

The ICNVT Sunday School opened in 2007 and has grown for over a decade. The school started off with only three levels and 25 children. Since then, it has grown to it's current capacity of 100+ children and six classrooms to accommodate for our growing community.

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